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On an evening of December 2014, a group of medical students in their final year was meeting. On the agenda was a question: “how will we apply our knowledge to make it profitable to the kingdom of God?”

The discussions that followed led this team of 6 friends to commit to avail their knowledge to serve the poor, the sick and the needy by empowering the church. Two years have passed, during which small projects where rewarded by unexpected success. And, fortunately, on March 17th, 2017, Jars of Love Community was registered as a non-profit, faith-based organization.

The Jars of Love Community (JLC) is, since that day, committed to pursuing its vision of spreading the Kingdom of God by using the knowledge gained, to serve vulnerable people through a holistic approach including health services, financial education and thematic public health campaigns, with the help of various stakeholders including the local church.

We aspire to be the helping hand of this generation and to serve with the little we have. God will surely bless this work and we will see the fruits of our efforts in our communities.